Brand New Offerings!

The Strongest Survives

In this team building activity, participants work together to build the tallest standing Jenga Tower. We then move on to building group towers. (with materials given them) They see how they correlate the first game to making their own towers!

This Team Building Training illustrates the importance of collaboration and communication and often ends up with an “a-ha” moment when teams realize that when everyone works together and communicates together the foundation and success of a project is dramatically increased.

You will see immediate and long lasting results when you gather your Sales Team to understand the importance of…“Collectively we are all stronger than we are individually” especially when we work together as a TEAM.


 Let’s Go Shopping

In this activity we put into real life the “Shopping Experience” and the “Buying Experience”. Our book Model Home, Model Store, think RETAIL is taken to the next level when we head out to the mall…

Participants are given instructions on how to gather Buying and Shopping Experiences by using a provided gift card.  We then share our experiences with the group to gain a deeper understanding of how important New Home Sales Professionals really are in their Model Stores in taking people from “Just Looking” to “Sold”.

This amazing activity has long lasting impact on everyone as an individual and a TEAM in understanding that when a customer is in my Model Store …“I am ready, knowledgeable and more than happy to help you in any way!”