Best of the Best: The Forgotten Generation: How to Market & Sell Homes to Gen X Buyers

Here we go… week #3 of “Best of the Best” from the 2017 International Builder Show.  

Let’s talk about your marketing!  Whether you’re looking for help with strategy, planning, content, or being creative with your marketing Group Two is the best ad agency out there for home builders!  Mollie Elkman and her team will guide you from start to finish on your projects.

Their program The Forgotten Generation: How to Market & Sell Homes to Gen X Buyers at the Builder Show was one of the highest attended seminars at the show.  Here is a re-cap of what people learned in the seminar: When it comes to marketing and selling new homes, you often hear about Baby Boomers and Millennials, but what about the generation in between? Though smaller in number, Generation X represents an eager, powerful buying group. But connecting with Gen Xers requires different approaches than the generations before and after them—their unique upbringings and the repercussions of the recession influenced how they approach their decisions. This high-energy session will time warp back to the ’80s to reveal the trends that shaped how Gen Xers buy houses today.

If you have needs for marketing or advertising Mollie Elkman and Group Two will go above and beyond to help you meet the needs of your project.


Valentines Day!

Happy (early) Valentines Day loaded with tons of Chocolate Kisses…

Let’s all put our Hearts into everything we do this week.  I truly believe the secret sauce in life and business is a little more LOVE!

I truly love each and everyone of you ….

Best of the Best from IBS: FANtastic Selling


You all know my friend Meredith Oliver.  She is the creator of WOW!  Her passion to help others with their digital marketing is the best out there.  Whether she is helping you attract, engage or convert more sales she is a guru!

FANtastic Selling outlines the 10 undeniable traits of extraordinary salespeople. The book features interactive exercises and questions to help you apply the attitudes, skills, and behaviors of FANtastic salespeople into your career.


  • Accelerate your career
  • Exceed your sales goals
  • Increase your commission and bonuses
  • Reignite your passion for sales
  • Increase your referrals and repeat business
  • Update your sales skills with fresh, relevant ideas

This book will show you how to:

  • Sell to the internet-empowered customer
  • Ask insightful, meaningful questions your prospects will want to answer
  • Persuade buyers with engaging presentations
  • Create an unbreakable bond with your fans
  • Master the art of social selling
  • Write engaging, memorable follow-up messages
  • Utilize technology and apps to be more productive
  • Become a SuperFan of your fans

You should all check out Meredith’s book FANtastic Selling and become one of her Raving Fans!!

Stay tuned next week for more Best of the Best from IBS.

Positive Thinking

Our life is what our thoughts make it!  Let your thoughts wander in a positive and empowering directions.  Then all you need to do is FOLLOW them. They know the way…

No better caffeine than awesome thoughts…

Today’s a New Day!

As we celebrate the Holiday today I am reminded about this quote from Martin Luther King Jr.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Go take the first step today towards something where you can’t see the end… Have faith it will be awesome!

That’s a Wrap!

That’s a wrap…this is the last “Caffeine with Kerry” for 2016.

Holiday celebrations are coming to an end. New beginnings and opportunities lie ahead…that alone caffeinates me!

What are your plans for a brilliant and bright 2017?

Begin by reflecting on your

G + P + V = C 

(Gifts + Passions + Values = Calling)


These are the things guided you through this past year. Thinking back and looking forward is very enlightening for planning your next best year ever!

Cheers and Caffeine to all my friends, let the New Year begin!

Be Quick to Listen and Slow to Answer

Today’s shot of Caffeine is short and sweet!  I heard this and love it… I think it would serve us all well.


Give the gift of listening to others during this Special Holiday Season!

Caffeine with Kerry